Sugar Free Labels Aren’t all a Win

Sugar Free Labels Aren’t all a Win

So, you've gone sugar-free! Congratulations are in order - this is not only a challenge in and of itself (literally every market product ever has sugar, eww), but a rewarding one. Whether voluntarily making this decision, or being pushed into it due to health issues, we're glad you are here and we glad to help you learn, grow and overcome daily obstacles.

I'd went to Sprouts Farmers Market the other day, and my experience made me think about the new keto and Type 1 Diabetes community members still adapting to their new lifestyle.

Picture this: you're at your local health food grocer and spot a dessert box with a catchy font in a bold color: "Sugar-Free". Excitement floods your mind. "Finally!" Racing over to the display where the box is nested, you throw it in your cart, eager to start snacking.

Fast forward: you're home, tearing open the box and munch on the biscotti first (obv). Tongue dancing, you savor that first bite. YUM. While happily munching you turn the box around to skim the nutrition label. Spotting the ingredient list, your eyes rest on the first ingredient: "All-Purpose Wheat Flour". UMM?! The second ingredient: "Maltitol" - a CARB! Hello?! While its glycemic index is half the amount of sugar (table sugar's GI is at 65), you still have to be mindful of how much you consume, especially if you're diabetic.

Maltitol is not completely digested, resulting in a slower rise in blood sugar and insulin levels when compared to sucrose (table sugar) and glucose. So, it can still be used as an effective alternative for people with diabetes...sort of. 

Sugar isn't the only thing raising your blood sugar. Gluten is just as guilty. Gluten from foods causes inflammation in your gut, which changes how nutrients are absorbed. This causes blood sugar fluctuations to occur more frequently with higher intensity! This is especially true for people with Type 1 Diabetes.

I know, it may seem like A LOT, but don't fret! It's easy to say, "Just eat whole foods! Cut out carbs and sugar and gluten, etc." Starting a new journey can be intimidating and it sometimes seems easier to give up. Just remember, take things in moderation! Baby steps. Something out there works for you (like we do!). Do your research, talk to a dietician, or nutritionist.

Of course, don't hesitate to reach out to us for some tips! Or if you have any ideas for what you would like to know more about, reply here!

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